Lunch Bunch FAQ

Q: How does it work? 

A: Sign your camper up for Lunch Bunch the same week your child is attending camp. We will have a designated counselor handling all lunch arrangements. 

Q: What do I need to pack for my child? 

A: Send your child with a bagged lunch and water bottle clearly marked with his or her name and group number. His or her counselor will collect the lunches when they arrive at camp and keep them in the office refrigerator until lunch time. We will have water jugs for refills. 

Q: My child doesn’t need the full hour to eat. What can he do when he’s done? 

A: We have a variety of games for children to play on the deck of Windswept, under the staff’s supervision. This includes board games, Nok-Hockey, drawing, etc. Campers will not be able to leave the area to walk around town. 

Q: Who will be watching the campers? 

A:  We will have at least 1 head counselor per 6 campers.